Personal Medical Advocate

Personal Medical Advocate



Get the facts about doctor interactions, emergencies and insurance.
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What Does a Personal Medical Advocate Do?

nurseAdvocate Angel works directly for you, keeping your best interest at heart providing support, encouragement and assistance.
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The Need

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The uncertainty of healthcare reform facing us today and rising costs coupled with an aging population and increasing medical risk factors can leave the patient, family and caregivers overwhelmed as they try to navigate the vast and often complicated medical healthcare system.

Advocate Angels' Personal Medical Advocate is your solution.

Advocate Angels empowers clients to take charge of their healthcare issues enabling them to more effectively manage their medical conditions and better care for themselves. Through the infusion of knowledge, guidance, and motivational coaching, clients are able to navigate the healthcare system with confidence.

  • People taking of more medications
  • People taking of these medications on an erratic schedule
  • People missing flu shot appointments
  • People not understanding the impact of instructions like (Do not take on an empty stomach)

In Healthy People 2010, the US Department of Health and Human Services questioned the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information and services when needed to make appropriate health decisions.

The Solution

Advocate Angels welcomes people of all ages seeking autonomy to participate in their health and wellness care with confidence. Our comprehensive and customized concierge services will eliminate the frustration of navigating the medical system while empowering you with the knowledge, resources and support to take care of all the details of your healthcare needs.

Offered Services

  • Collaboration and Communication with all your healthcare providers to assure the best medical outcome
  • Health Literacy and Action Care Plans promoting wellness education and guidance to achieve you’re optimal level of health addressing medications and medical appointments
  • Education to make informed decisions in your healthcare treatments
  • Cooperation among all healthcare providers
  • Customized timeline and comprehensive review of all medical records
  • Transitioning across healthcare settings