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Post acute care is expected to be the fastest growing branch of the nursing profession over the next few years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Becoming a Personal Medical Advocate offers a new and challenging career path for you. The keys to thriving in this new and exciting field of concierge health services are the desire to be your own boss, excellent communication skills, the ability to work through and with other healthcare providers, and being passionate about making a difference in your clients wellness.

Why Advocate Angels?

We are an independent, concierge healthcare resource service, providing customized, expert, medical attention to protect and empower our clients. As a liaison, we work only for our patients, assessing, advocating and facilitating across healthcare settings increasing the quality of care satisfaction, reducing costs and lowering client and caregiver stress.

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One of the saddest things we see is an elder, seemingly alone, unsure of their condition and intimidated by the hustle and bustle of a sterile doctor’s office. Possibly, they drove themselves or were brought in by a friend who tries to offer reassurance to them as they sit and wait their turn to see the medical provider. After a long wait time, they get to see the provider for 10 or 15 minutes. They often walk away with little understanding of what the provider may have told them, their questions
not asked or answered and the need for a blood test and follow up appointment in 6 weeks. For what . . . they are questioning.

There is no reason these loved ones need to be alone like this. Even when family lives far away or can’t take the time off from work to go with them, the Advocate Angels can be the solution. As their Personal Medical Advocate, your training and compassion qualify you to be the chosen professional to be an advocate, calming the elders fears and advocating for their medical health and wellness. Having addressed medical privacy laws, the PMA is able to go into the doctor’s office with the loved one providing reassurance for them and for the family.

What peace of mind would you be able to bring to these patients and their families if you were working in the right capacity, as an Advocate Angels’ Personal Medical Advocate?

The Nurse of the future will:

  • practice with self-reliance, independence and flexibility
  • have well developed decision making skills based on critical thinking ability
  • have working knowledge of community resources and computer competencies
  • ability to deliver high quality client education


  • An active RN license from any state with at least 15 years of consistent clinical experience.
  • Strong, varied, clinical knowledge with a drive for ongoing education.
  • Well developed communication and teaching skills.
  • The ability to function both independently and assertively.
  • Creative problem solving using critical thinking skills.
  • Experience, enjoyment and ease with internet research.
  • Desire to be an Enterpreneur in this rewarding role for experienced clinical RNs.

The business model of Advocate Angels will provide you with the John Hopkins curriculum for Guided Care Nurse, the necessary Health Information Technology to manage your business, a customized website for advertising, marketing material and professional support to grow your business. Participation in a 6 week certificate program will expand your foundation of 15 years or more of nursing experience. Upon completion of the certification course, ongoing webinar sessions will guide you to grow your business.

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  • Learn the John Hopkins process for Guided Care Nurse.
  • Receive hands-on training with actual case studies; learn to create a patient care guide and care plan to address issues with patients, families, and providers; track patient progress through the EMR built specifically for the Advocate Angels program.
  • Learn to optimize patient outcomes through the integration of recreational modalitites.
  • Resources to support you and your business are available at your finger tips
  • Effective skills training to maximize your independent role within the medical system.
  • Learn how to start your own professional practice/business from a proven business model.
  • Customized marketing materials, ongoing mentoring, personalized website
  • Learn financial management skills to make your professional practice as successful as possible.
  • Learn the legal aspects of being self employed as Personal Medical Advocate: contracts, insurance, and liability

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