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What Does a Personal Medical Advocate Do?

nurseAdvocate Angel works directly for you, keeping your best interest at heart providing support, encouragement and assistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PMA, Personal Medical advocate?

A PMA is an expert professional, registered nurse with 15 or more years of clinical experience, having an advanced education and life experiences that prepares them to be your independent Personal Medical Advocates. The PMA has completed the Guided Care Nurse program through John Hopkins University and demonstrated a high level of clinical skills prior to achieving their role as a PMA. A highly experienced advisory board is in place offering an additional support structure to the evidence-based network of quality PMAs.

How does a PMA help?

Highly experienced, knowledgeable and specially trained clinical nurses, will stand by your side, asking the questions you do not know how to ask your providers and translating the answers into layperson terms for you and your family so that you can use the information to make informed decisions. You will no longer be alone in your healthcare. We provide many services. Please refer to the service tab for a complete listing.

How sick do you have to be to employ a PMA?

The PMA serves and protects patients with all levels of wellness. People with multiple chronic illnesses, those experiencing an episode of acute illness, seniors living alone/away from family, work related injuries, even pregnancy and post partum/newborns will enjoy the benefits of these services. An experienced PMA will protect your rights and safety as you are newly diagnosed with an illness or in need of surgical intervention. This is the ideal time for the PMA to help you navigate the healthcare system, before there is a problem. Armed with the knowledge and wisdom of the medical profession, the experienced PMA is trained to foresee and anticipate problems before they happen so they can be avoided. A PMA can help anyone with health issues or concerns.

How does a PMA help me with my aging parents?

The PMA’s most important role is to protect and empower those who find themselves in a role they cannot manage themselves. When parents live a distance from family members, the PMA can be very helpful. Medication review services will ensure that they understand what they are taking as well as to make certain that there are no contraindications in the combination of medications prescribed. The review will also assess the adherence to the prescribed medications and the impact the medications are having on the client while in their home setting. Another service is the documented Medical Time Line: a graph of all available medical records and a brief summary that can be taken along with them when they travel for peace of mind for you and for them. This helps treating providers to make the most appropriate treatment choice while greatly decreasing the chances of medical error. Should your parents have multiple medical providers, the PMA will ensure shared communications amongst all parties. Through regular contact and the incorporation of the recreational therapist’s services, prevention and wellness can be assessed and if needed alternative treatment/ living options will be looked into. Your PMA is the expert in helping you. If necessary, your PMA can accompany your parent to the doctor’s appointment to ensure that the right questions are answered and the information is understood. We provide many services. Please refer to the service tab for a complete listing.

What can a PMA do for me and how can they interact with my doctors?

Your PMA is your independent medical resource and advocate guiding your healthcare, through the interdisciplinary coordination of services, available 24/7, providing wellness education and disease management services. When meeting with your physician, it is important for the PMA to provide the client information they need to know and what questions to ensure you are getting the best care. The PMA will communicate all the necessary information with your doctor, things you may not think to mention. Also your PMA will ask questions about your care and treatment options that you may not know to ask, to protect your rights and safety. The answers to these questions make you an informed and knowledgeable consumer to make your treatment decisions.

Through the knowledge of a Guided care model; physicians appreciate the involvement of the PMA. The role your PMA serves enhances the service the doctor provides. Your PMA works collegially with all physicians, assisting them to provide you with the best medical care.

Does Medicare, healthcare insurance or Long Term Care Insurance cover it?

At this time, the healthcare insurance companies do NOT pay for this service. If we accepted their coverage, we would have to curtail our services, which may not be in your best interest. It is our greatest value that we are independent. You are our entire focus as we practice being your PMA. As we demonstrate the value and cost savings of a PMA through future research and development, we will be able to bill insurance. With that said there are some Long Term Care Insurance plans that are able to help you cover these necessary costs. We provide many services; please refer to the service tab for a complete listing.

My insurance company offers an "advocate/resource/nurse" is that the same as a PMA?

First and foremost, the insurance company works for the hospital or the health plan and they employ the “advocate/resource/nurse”. The hospital or insurance-based advocate carries a very large caseload. Your Personal Medical Advocate works for you and carries a small caseload allowing for individualized attention to promote your health, education and wellness. While you achieve an improved quality of life. You are in control of our medical care and the customized compassionate services provided by your PMA will instill hope and caring.

Will I need to change my doctors?

Your PMA will work closely with your physician to secure the best treatment options that fit your needs. It is sometimes advisable to consult with other physicians. Upon your request, your PMA will identify the best providers in your area that are board certified before giving you their names for consideration.

How does a PMA help in an emergency?

If you were to experience a medical emergency, one call to 911 and one call to your PMA, will provide you with the medical care you deserve. The PMA will work with the EMT/paramedics to alleviate the overwhelming questions during a tense situation. Your PMA will call to inform the emergency department doctor to provide insight to your current medical state, demographic information, PMH/surgical history as well as medications and allergies. This will eliminate delays in care so that paper work can be completed quickly allowing you access to the necessary care to get you home. Your PMA will maintain contact with you as well as the hospitalists to facilitate your return to wellness and promoting your healthy discharge with the necessary services you might require.

How does someone get referred for the services of a PMA?

Anyone can refer a client for the Advocate Angel services. Clients are referred by self or family, by physician, elder care lawyers, financial planners, employers, community or website. Recognizing a need for improved coordination of care, facilitated transition in care, ongoing oversight or advocacy, you have made the decision that you want control of your medical direction. Completing the referral form on the web will generate a call within 24 hours to discuss the optional services that Advocate Angel will provide you, your family, your clients, anyone you care about.

How much time does it take Advocate Angel to get started helping my loved one or me?

There is a phone screening process when you first call to see whether a PMA is the best answer for you. This is free. If this is a good fit, your PMA will make an appointment to get started. We can get started as soon as you need us. We can meet you where ever you need, home, hospital, rehabilitation center, etc.