Personal Medical Advocate

Personal Medical Advocate



Get the facts about doctor interactions, emergencies and insurance.
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What Does a Personal Medical Advocate Do?

nurseAdvocate Angel works directly for you, keeping your best interest at heart providing support, encouragement and assistance.
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About Us

Our Vision

To develop a telehealth concierge service promoting health literacy/Education and wellness while providing support confidence and knowledge to navigate through the medical systems.

Mission Statement

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Our Mission...Through the promotion of Health, Education and Wellness, Advocate Angels’ mission is to empower people in their health care by advocating for the client, providing guidance, and customizing that care while navigating through the healthcare system.

Advocate Angels

Your Advocate works only for you — assessing, advocating and transitioning between health care and social setting.

  • Independent concierge healthcare resource service
  • Customized, expert, medical attention to protect and empower
  • Improve your quality of care, satisfaction, and life
  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce client and caregiver stress


  • Access to your Personal Medical Advocate
  • 24/7 to discuss concerns and answer your questions
  • Infuse confidence and encourage knowledge
  • Facilitate transitions in care
  • Reduce the stress of navigating complicated medical pathways
  • Promote Health, Wellness and Safety resulting in improved quality of life

Advocate Angels Commitment to You

Our mission is to empower you in your healthcare needs. Our objective is not only to advocate and aid you in navigating the healthcare system confidently and knowledgeably but to build a strong, lasting, lifetime relationship with you. I want you to be so satisfied with our services that you feel compelled to refer your friends and family to me, not by obligation, but because you truly believe they will benefit from Advocate Angels.